Tuesday, 30 November 2010

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Youtube: KCL Occupation 2010

uk-occupation.tumblr.com (for all occupations)

1/12/10 First Schedule

9-9.30   Working groups coordination
9.30-12 Flyering and leafleting
3           Open Meeting: Cuts, crisis and protest: why austerity is not the answer.
               Afterwards: General meeting and daily feedback from working groups
6           Delegation to Camden Town Council protest
7.30      KCL 'Reading Capital' Society event in the occupation

Flyering will be continuous throughout the day. Updates on speakers for the 3pm meeting will come shortly. Already confirmed: Jim Wolfreys, KCL UCU President

Where we are now

Following negotiation with management, the KCL occupation has relocated from the Safra theatre to K2.31 (by Chapters), which is a better space to organise from. Again, all welcome and the more people we get, the better! University of London students and staff can enter freely, others can be signed in by us.

Occupation under way...

On the 30/11/10 we, as king's students, have occupied the Edmund J. Safra Lecture Theatre as of 12.00 to protest against the threat to the future of higher education, further education and education as a whole. Please join and bring as many people as possible

KCL is now in occupation - Edmund J Safra Lecture Theatre

King's are now in occupation!

Are you against education cuts and rising tuition fees? (including EMA)
Do you think that King's management should support our students' efforts to prevent cuts and fees?

Come along to the EDMUND J SAFRA lecture theatre and find out more about why we are occupying.
Participate in the debate and show your support for the future of our education system!