Saturday, 4 December 2010

last night's Open Mic.. Put the Kettle on and we'll rap about it!

Sorry for the bad quality photos, we had trouble with the lighting, our good friend Jody McIntyre can testify :)
Some video clips of last night's inspiring performances by Kate Tempest, Logic, Lowkey, JJ and Ed Greens coming up as well as Jody McIntyre's inspiring speech that got half the room welling up..

All those who stepped up to the mic had something powerful to say about unity, freedom and fighting for a better future for all. We would like to thank them again, and we are proud that such inspiring voices are part of our movement.

"You say cut that, we say F**ck that!"

solidarity and a massive thank you as well to all those who came from surrounding FE colleges, university, workplaces and neighbourhoods, this is what a liberated space is all about!!

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